Code for data: validphys

Introduction to validphys 2

  • validphys 2 is a Python code that implements the data model of NNPDF resources.

  • It provides an executable, called validphys which is used to analyze NNPDF specific data, which takes runcards written in YAML as an input and can produce plots, tables or entire reports as an output.

  • The code also provides a Python library (also called validphys) which is used to implement executables providing interfaces to more specific analyses such as the vp-comparefits, and to serve as basis to other NNPDF codes such as n3fit.

  • validphys 2 is implemented on top of the reportengine framework. reportengine provides the logic to process the runcards by building task execution graphs based on individual actions (which are Python functions). The runcards can execute complex analysis and parameter scans with the appropriate use of namespaces. More information on reportengine and its interface with validphys can be found in the Design section.

  • The ideas behind the design of the code are explained in the Design section.

Some things that validphys does

Using validphys

How validphys handles data

More detailed functionality