Producing tables and figures

Producing figures

In order to produce figures, just decorate your functions returning matplotlib Figure objects with the reportengine.figure.figure function, e.g.:

def plot_p_alpha(p_alpha_study):
   fig = Figure()
   ax = fig.subplots()
   #Plot something
   return fig

This will take care of the following:

  • Saving the figures with a nice, unique name to the output folder, in the formats specified by the user.

  • Closing the figures to save memory.

  • Making sure figures are properly displayed in reports.

There is also the figuregen decorator for providers that are implemented as generators that yield several figures (see e.g. the implementation of plot_fancy). Apart from just the figure, they yield a tuple (prefix, figure) where the prefix will be used in the filename.

Producing tables

These work similarly to producing figures, as described above. Instead use the @table and @tablegen decorators.

Tables will be saved in the CSV formats.