How to generate a report

Suppose that we want to generate a custom report that includes plots and statistics that are not included as part of the report generated by vp-comparefits. We may be lucky enough to find an example runcard that produces what we need in validphys2/examples. However, we may need to write our own own yaml runcard from scratch.

Suppose we want to have histograms of the χ2 per replica for some set of experimental datasets.

The calling of validphys actions are used as normal. The action we are looking for is plot_chi2dist. Here’s an example report that does what we’re looking for:

  title: Distribution plots per replica across experiments
  author: Shayan Iranipour
  keywords: [chi2, replica, distribution, DISonly]

fit: NNPDF31_nnlo_as_0118_DISonly

  from_: "fit"

  from_: "fit"

theoryid: 53

use_cuts: "fromfit"

template_text: |
  # Histograms of χ2
  ## DIS only distributions
  {@experiments::experiment plot_chi2dist@}

  - report(main=True)

The report(main=True) command is what generates the report. We can customize the formatting of the report using markdown syntax. Note for example that # Histograms of χ2 gives an appropriate title to the section where we will find our plot.

If the template_text section of the runcard becomes large and unwieldy, it may be preferable to put the information from this section in a separate file. In such cases one can create a markdown template file, usually called such as

# Histograms of χ2
## DIS only distributions
{@experiments::experiment plot_chi2dist@}

and change the template_text section of the runcard to the following


where this assumes that is in the same folder as that in which you execute the validphys command.

The meta field is important for retrieving the report once it has been uploaded to the validphys server. title and author are fields that appear when browsing through reports while the keywords allow quick retrieval of the report by the search functionality of the server. Setting appropriate keywords is especially important when working on a big project, within which it is likely that many reports will be produced. In such cases a keyword should be chosen for the project and set in each uploaded report.