How to list the available resources

Using vp-list

In order to check what resources are available locally and for download, use vp-list which will print out the names of resources.

vp-list <resource type>

The options for resource type can be seen with vp-list --help.

$ vp-list --help
usage: vp-list [-h] [-r | -l] resource

vp-list Script which lists available resources locally and remotely

positional arguments:
  resource           The type of resource to check availability for (locally
                     and/or remotely). Choose from: theories, fits, pdfs,

You can use the options -l/--local-only or -r/--remote-only to only check for resources available locally or remotely respectively.

Manually checking server - example with fits

You can also check manually on the storage servers for these resources. For example, the bulk of the available fits can be found by going to the fits folder of the NNPDF data server. Some other fits may be found in standalone folders in the home folder of this server, but of course finding a specific fit here may require some digging. For help in accessing the server, please see here. For information on how to download fits and other resources, please see the Downloading resources section of the vp-guide.