Source code for validphys.scripts.vp_hyperoptplot

from import App
from validphys.loader import Loader, HyperscanNotFound
from validphys import hyperplottemplates
from reportengine.compat import yaml
import pwd
import os

import logging

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class HyperoptPlotApp(App):
[docs] def add_positional_arguments(self, parser): """ Wrapper around argumentparser """ # Hyperopt settings parser.add_argument( "hyperopt_name", help="Folder of the hyperopt fit to generate the report for", ) parser.add_argument( "-l", "--loss_target", help="Choice for the definition of target loss", choices=['average', 'best_worst', 'std'], default='average', ) parser.add_argument( "-v", "--val_multiplier", help="Fraction to weight the validation loss with (test_multiplier = 1-val_multiplier)", type=float, default=0.0, ) parser.add_argument( "-if", "--include_failures", help="Flag to include failed runs in the plots", action="store_true", ) parser.add_argument( "-t", "--threshold", help="Value of the loss function from which to consider a run to have failed", type=float, default=1e3, ) parser.add_argument( "-f", "--filter", help="Add the filter key=value to the dataframe", nargs="+", default=(), ) parser.add_argument( "-c", "--combine", help="If more than one replica folder is found, combine all trials", action="store_true", ) # Autofiltering parser.add_argument( "--autofilter", help="Given a number of keys, perform an autofilter (removing combinations of elements with worse rewards", nargs="+", ) # Debugging parser.add_argument("--debug", help="Print debug information", action="store_true") # Report meta data parser.add_argument( "--author", help="Add custom author name to the report's meta data", type=str, default=pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid())[4].replace(",", ""), ) parser.add_argument( "--title", help="Add custom title to the report's meta data", type=str, ) parser.add_argument( "--keywords", help="Add keywords to the report's meta data. The keywords must be provided as a list", type=list, default=[] ) args = parser.parse_args()
[docs] def complete_mapping(self): args = self.args hyperop_name = args["hyperopt_name"] ll = Loader() try: hyperop_spec = ll.check_hyperscan(hyperop_name) hyperop_folder = hyperop_spec.path.as_posix() except HyperscanNotFound as e: log.error(e) log.warning("No hyperscan of '%s' found, falling back to old behaviour", hyperop_name) hyperop_folder = hyperop_name hyperopt_filter = f"{hyperop_folder}/filter.yml" while hyperop_folder[-1] == "/": hyperop_folder = hyperop_folder[:-1] with open(hyperopt_filter) as f: filtercard = yaml.safe_load(f) folder_path = hyperop_folder index_slash = folder_path.rfind("/") + 1 name_folder = folder_path[index_slash:] if args['title'] == None: args["title"] = f"NNPDF hyperoptimization report for {name_folder}" autosettings = {} autosettings["meta"] = { "title": args["title"], "author": args["author"], "keywords": args["keywords"], } autosettings["commandline_args"] = { "hyperopt_folder": hyperop_folder, "val_multiplier": args["val_multiplier"], "include_failures": args["include_failures"], "threshold": args["threshold"], "filter": args["filter"], "combine": args["combine"], "autofilter": args["autofilter"], "debug": args["debug"], "loss_target": args["loss_target"] } try: autosettings["hyperscan_config"] = filtercard["hyperscan_config"] except KeyError: # Work with the older hyperscan runs autosettings["hyperscan_config"] = filtercard["hyperscan"] return autosettings
[docs] def get_commandline_arguments(self, cmdline=None): args = super().get_commandline_arguments(cmdline) args['config_yml'] = hyperplottemplates.template_path return args
[docs] def get_config(self): # No error handling here because this is our internal file with open(self.args['config_yml']) as f: # TODO: Ideally this would load round trip but needs # to be fixed in reportengine. c = yaml.safe_load(f) c.update(self.complete_mapping()) return self.config_class(c, environment=self.environment)
[docs]def main(): app = HyperoptPlotApp() app.main()
if __name__ == "__main__": main()