Source code for validphys.scripts.vp_fitrename

#!/usr/bin/env python
        vp-fitrename - command line tool to rename fits

        vp-fitrename allows for command line renaming of fits.
        To do so, call vp-fitrename with a path to the original fit and
        the requested new fit. The optional flags allow for preserving
        a copy of the original fit and also to change fits in the NNPDF
        results directory.

__authors__ = 'Shayan Iranipour, Zahari Kassabov, Michael Wilson'

import argparse
import pathlib
import shutil
import sys
import tempfile
import logging

from reportengine import colors

from validphys.renametools import change_name
from validphys.loader import Loader

#Taking command line arguments
[docs]def process_args(): parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Script to rename fits') parser.add_argument('initial', help='Name of the fit to be changed') parser.add_argument('final', help='Desired new name of fit') parser.add_argument( '-r', '--result_path', action='store_true', help='Use to change name of a fit in results path') parser.add_argument( '-c', '--copy', action='store_true', help='Use to create a copy of the original fit') args = parser.parse_args() return args
[docs]def main(): log = logging.getLogger() log.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) log.addHandler(colors.ColorHandler()) args = process_args() if[-1] == '/': =[:-1] initial_dir = pathlib.Path(args.initial) initial_fit_name = if args.result_path: if len( != 1: log.error("Enter a fit name and not a path with the -r option") sys.exit(1) fitpath = Loader().resultspath / initial_fit_name else: fitpath = initial_dir if not fitpath.is_dir(): log.error(f"Could not find fit. Path '{fitpath.absolute()}' is not a directory.") sys.exit(1) if not (fitpath/'filter.yml').exists(): log.error(f"Path {fitpath.absolute()} does not appear to be a fit. " "File 'filter.yml' not found in the directory") sys.exit(1) dest = fitpath.with_name( if dest.exists(): log.error(f"Destination path {dest.absolute()} already exists.") sys.exit(1) with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory(dir=fitpath.parent) as tmp: tmp = pathlib.Path(tmp) copied_fit = tmp/initial_fit_name shutil.copytree(fitpath, copied_fit, symlinks=True) newpath = change_name(copied_fit, newpath.rename(dest) if args.copy:"Renaming completed with copy") else: shutil.rmtree(fitpath)"Renaming completed")