Source code for validphys.scripts.vp_deltachi2

import logging
import os
import pwd

from reportengine.compat import yaml

from validphys import deltachi2templates
from import App

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class HyperoptPlotApp(App):
[docs] def add_positional_arguments(self, parser): """ Wrapper around argumentparser """ parser.add_argument( "fit", help="Name of the fit", ) parser.add_argument( "hessian_pdfs", help="Name of the set of Hessian pdfs", ) parser.add_argument( "--Q", help="Energy Scale in GeV", type=float, default=1.7, ) # Report meta data parser.add_argument( "--author", help="Add custom author name to the report's meta data", type=str, default=pwd.getpwuid(os.getuid())[4].replace(",", ""), ) parser.add_argument( "--title", help="Add custom title to the report's meta data", type=str, ) parser.add_argument( "--keywords", help="Add keywords to the report's meta data. The keywords must be provided as a list", type=list, default=[], )
[docs] def complete_mapping(self): args = self.args fit = args["fit"] hessian_pdfs = args["hessian_pdfs"] if args["title"] == None: args["title"] = f"$\Delta \chi^2$ report for {fit}" autosettings = {} autosettings["meta"] = { "title": args["title"], "author": args["author"], "keywords": args["keywords"], } autosettings["Q"] = args["Q"] autosettings["fit"] = fit autosettings["pdfs"] = [fit] autosettings["hessianinfo"] = { "fit": fit, "pdf": hessian_pdfs, "theory": {"from_": "fit"}, "theoryid": {"from_": "theory"}, "use_cuts": "fromfit", "dataset_inputs": {"from_": "fit"}, "normalize_to": fit, } autosettings["decomposition"] = { "normalize_to": hessian_pdfs, "pdf": hessian_pdfs, } autosettings["MC_Hessian_compare"] = { "pdfs": [hessian_pdfs, fit], "normalize_to": fit, } return autosettings
[docs] def get_config(self): complete_mapping = self.complete_mapping() runcard = deltachi2templates.template_path # No error handling here because this is our internal file with open(runcard) as f: # TODO: Ideally this would load round trip but needs # to be fixed in reportengine. c = yaml.safe_load(f) c.update(complete_mapping) return self.config_class(c, environment=self.environment)
[docs]def main(): app = HyperoptPlotApp() app.main()
if __name__ == "__main__": main()