Source code for validphys.lhaindex

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#!/usr/bin/env python
Created on Fri Jan 23 12:11:23 2015

@author: zah
import fnmatch
from functools import lru_cache
import glob
import os
import os.path as osp
import re

from reportengine.compat import yaml
from validphys.lhapdf_compatibility import lhapdf

_indexes_to_names = None
_names_to_indexes = None

[docs]def expand_index_names(globstr): return fnmatch.filter(get_names_to_indexes().keys(), globstr)
[docs]def expand_local_names(globstr): paths = lhapdf.paths() return [ name for path in paths for name in glob.glob1(path, globstr) if osp.isdir(osp.join(path, name)) ]
[docs]def expand_names(globstr): """Return names of installed PDFs. If none is found, return names from index""" names = expand_local_names(globstr) if not names: names = expand_index_names(globstr) return names
[docs]def get_indexes_to_names(): global _indexes_to_names if _indexes_to_names is None: _indexes_to_names = parse_index(get_index_path()) return _indexes_to_names
[docs]def finddir(name): for path in lhapdf.paths(): d = osp.join(path, name) if osp.isdir(d): return d raise FileNotFoundError(name)
[docs]def isinstalled(name): """Check that name exists in LHAPDF dir""" return name and any(osp.isdir(osp.join(path, name)) for path in lhapdf.paths())
[docs]def get_names_to_indexes(): global _names_to_indexes if _names_to_indexes is None: _names_to_indexes = {name: index for index, name in get_indexes_to_names().items()} return _names_to_indexes
[docs]def get_pdf_indexes(name): """Get index in the amc@nlo format""" info = parse_info(name) ind = info['SetIndex'] num_members = info['NumMembers'] return { 'lhapdf_id': ind, 'lhapdf_min': ind + (num_members > 1), 'lhapdf_max': ind + num_members - 1, }
[docs]def get_pdf_name(index): return get_indexes_to_names()[str(index)]
[docs]def parse_index(index_file): d = {} name_re = r'(\d+)\s+(\S+)' with open(index_file) as localfile: for line in localfile.readlines(): m = re.match(name_re, line) index = d[index] = return d
[docs]def get_collaboration(name): try: col = name[: name.index('_')] except ValueError: col = name return col
[docs]def as_from_name(name): """Annoying function needed because this is not in the info files. as(M_z) there is actually as(M_ref).""" match ='as[_]?([^_\W]+)\_?', name) if match: return else: return name
[docs]def infofilename(name): for path in lhapdf.paths(): info = osp.join(path, name, name + '.info') if osp.exists(info): return info raise FileNotFoundError(name + ".info")
[docs]@lru_cache() def parse_info(name): with open(infofilename(name)) as infofile: result = yaml.safe_load(infofile) return result
[docs]def get_lha_datapath(): return lhapdf.paths()[-1]
[docs]def get_index_path(folder=None): if folder: index_file = os.path.join(folder, 'pdfsets.index') if folder is None or not osp.exists(index_file): folder = get_lha_datapath() index_file = os.path.join(folder, 'pdfsets.index') return index_file